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Water Tubing near Toronto

Water tubing is one of my favourite summer activities. I make sure to go at least once every summer. Elora conservation area and...

The Paddlesport Get-Together

Looking for a group setting that you can meet new anglers and fish while being part of some friendly tournaments and amazing prizes? Want...

A Mini Piece of Me

I’ve noticed a lot of people have created ‘gate opener’s lately 😉 I created my best friend 🤍 The innocent curiosity of my girl, the way...

Solo Trips- Inspo

I love camping with my friends and family. Trips with them are difficult to top. That being said though, solo trips do something else for...

Bears Den Lodge- Lower French River

Bears Den lodge on the French river was the first lodge ive ever had the opportunity to visit. Aka, the beginning of the end. 😂There I...

Start Planning for Next Year!!

One of my favourite things to do this time of year is to start planning for next years fishing trips! I can hardly wait for the spots on...

Haliburton, ON

Haliburton has been one of the many places that has stole my heart this year. I will continue to return because of its beautiful clear...

Best Outdoor Podcasts Right Now

I was too young to really get involved when Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman had a tv show Fish'n Canada but now they've got a podcast! In...

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Invasive Species- Grass Carp- INFO

Grass Carp pose significant ecological threats to the Great Lakes and connected fisheries through aggressive feeding and removal of aquatic vegetation. This results in loss of habitat for other species. Per day, one grass carp consumes up to 40% of their body weight.. With an average of 25kg growing all the way up to 45kg (99lbs) per fish. This degradation affects not only all of our favourite fish, but birds and other wetland creatures as well. 
I’ve attached a photo of this fish to help you identify it. If you come across one of these grass carp, it is illegal not to report it and/or remove it. As anglers it’s important for us to watch out for these things.
 You can find more information at

Use the link to report sightings or help you identify this invasive species. 

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