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Bears Den Lodge- Lower French River

Bears Den lodge on the French river was the first lodge ive ever had the opportunity to visit. Aka, the beginning of the end. 😂There I learnt from tons of other anglers about different lures, types of line and a little bit about technology. Some of these things I was able to practice, such as the buzz bait. The action on this wake bait is incredible to witness. I managed to land a couple fish using it before switching boats and spending time with another 3 great anglers the following day. With them I was able to learn and practice the finesse techniques wacky rig and drop shot. On the final day, and with another angler, a rain storm blinded us as we sped back to the lodge. What a fun and hilarious experience that was 😆.

Home cooked and absolutely delicious meals were served hot on the table when we came back. Make-your-own packed lunch was offered so that we didn’t have to stop fishing to come back for lunch. Majority of us take that up. ;) Evenings are another fortifying experience, a social gather by the fire with all the ladies. Sharing stories from their past trips and also pictures from our time at the lodge so far.

Need-less to say, lodge booking isn’t new to me anymore.

If you’re interested in joining us for this trip in coming years and many others, @alicat405157245 and @bassfishingmom do a great job at organizing the events and club. This year, they are celebrating the 10th annual Bears Den trip through #GCFA. 2024 will be my second year as the youngest angler from the group and I think that’s very cool.. but sad! I’m not that young! Being a ‘young’ and passionate angler comes with a lot perks! Join the club, experience them for yourself. I’m talking to YOU! 👀😉

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