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A Mini Piece of Me

I’ve noticed a lot of people have created ‘gate opener’s lately 😉 I created my best friend 🤍

The innocent curiosity of my girl, the way her eyes show so much interest as the outdoor world becomes more obvious to her. The questions she asks to better understand the complex nature of ‘why’ things are the way they are, or how. Her lack of fear yet true interest to get muddy, dance in the rain or catch rain drops on her tongue. She notices when the stars are brighter than normal and when the moon looks like a ‘watermelon’ slice or can spot a bird hiding in a tree that I never would’ve noticed myself. She greets every passer-by with a loud, ‘HI!!:)’ and since every response back to her is the same, she knows she’s a beauty- cutie cool girl. 🤷🏽‍♀️😎

Watching her learn to trust herself and her skills is one of my favourite parts of being a mommy. Now she asks me to ski, kayak, camp and skate before I even get to. She remembers what she’s capable of; Creating fun.

Witnessing this brings back a childhood-like outlook for me too. Its rewarding. 🥰

Oh where will you go🤍

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