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Best Outdoor Podcasts Right Now

I was too young to really get involved when Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman had a tv show Fish'n Canada but now they've got a podcast! In the recent months I gave it a shot and I absolutely love them! While they can ramble and get off topic, they are funny and informative. The Outdoor Journal Radio podcast involves more than just that, another 5 podcasters share the platform. All of which are amazing! Eating Wild, The Tackle Box, Diaries of a Lodge Owner, Ugly Pike and Under the Canopy. This allows for great range of learning and entertainment. Angelo and Pete read questions from fans and reviews as well. Their energy is contagious and I hope to meet them one day, Pete Bowman and Angelo Viola. Below are my favourite podcasters from the group.


My review was read Episode 85 (10:00)

My question was read Episode 87 (47:00)

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