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Reasons to visit Barbados? 🇧🇧 WELL! Let me tell YOU!

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Clear turquoise water, white sand beaches, colourful atmosphere, amiability with the people, tanning hot days and warm summer nights. Spotting monkeys, crabs, birds, goats and lizards on a casual stroll and where the sun goes down at the same time it comes up, 6o clock. Vehicles drive on the left, music filled busses and taxis pass consistently. You will see many Bajans selling fresh pressed juice and fruit and find local restaurants and bars on most street corners. Get your hair braided at most beaches by a local. People know each other and generously greet everyone. An awesome 'family' atmosphere.

Here I can breath deeper. My lungs crave the air and my eyes water as I breathe it. My perspective changes and my mind expands, my heart rate slows down. The smell is salt water and delicious food. Warm wind ruffles over the endless serenity of waves and through the leaves in the trees, collecting an array of aromas that pacifies my soul as I breathe in. I got to explore almost the entire island in 10 days and I would do it all again.

This place was hard to leave but really easy to want to come back to.

Hope to see you this spring @barbados 🇧🇧 🤞🏼

Do you need recommendations on bajan hotel, air bnb, catamarans, restaurants or beaches¿

We got lucky with some spectacular spots and I'd love to share them with you!

Send me a message or subscribe🤍

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