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Haliburton, ON

Haliburton has been one of the many places that has stole my heart this year. I will continue to return because of its beautiful clear water, abundance of trees and bush, natural hills, curves and streams. It's remote. Approximately 2.5 hours north of Toronto you will find this hidden gem. Which of the over 500 lakes will you stay at? The wide 4,000 square kilometre terrain shares the view of the untouched night sky with Algonquin park. The residents of both Haliburton and Algonquin area mustn't be too familiar with light pollution, that's for sure. The sound of civilization is hard to come by in this part of the province. Yet the sound of bull frogs gulping and birds singing, wind whispering through the trees and the thunderous cry of moose. Coyotes howling and little creature footsteps abunduntly replace it. The best form of relaxation is when there's no neighbours in sight or sound and the highways are so far away that you forget they exist. If any of this sounds compelling to you I recommend visiting.

Haliburton is also one of the few completely outdoor locations that offer full- season fun. Camping, zip lining, snowmobiling, summer camps, lodges, and more. Haliburton highlands it's a huge area as I mentioned but I enjoy staying in the wildlife reserve. Its catch and release only policy makes this fishery incredible and the opportunity of seeing wildlife so much higher. Its somewhere I highly recommend trying. Great spot for a family getaway, a romantic one or even a solo trip.

If you liked this article and end up visiting Haliburton, please share your experience with me! I'd love to hear about it.

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