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Start Planning for Next Year!!

One of my favourite things to do this time of year is to start planning for next years fishing trips! I can hardly wait for the spots on my 2024 list to open their booking sites. The ones that have already opened up booking well, you know I’ve already got my reservations. ;)

There are some things I look for to ensure my stay fits my style of fishing, budget and to ensure I am comfortable and relaxed on each trip.

While there might be 100 things I look for and/or try to avoid, here’s a few I look for

- Various assortments of sunken& half submerged structure

- River or creek of some kind feeding into it

- Depth of at least 15ft

- Assorted trees and animals known to live in the area

- Far away from highways

- Texture changes within the surrounding bank

- At least 2 hours north of Toronto to avoid crowds

- HUGE plus if the fishery is catch and release only

What do you look for?

Find this post and many more on my Instagram @AReelLady

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