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Essentials to Save Time, Money and Space When Packing for a Camping Trip

Since camping so much over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about what to do to save money, time &space.

Keep reading for some of those helpful tips😊

• Bring water jugs (with pump) and reusable water bottles.

• Book with friends.

• Bring a tarp for under your tent and one for over. (Protect from sharp items on the ground like rocks, leftover stakes and other debris. One on top to ensure you& your equipment stays dry.) it’s easy to dry out a tarp. It’s not easy to dry out a tent and sleeping bag or wear wet clothes.

• Organize your equipment using bins.

• Bring fire wood (sometimes charged extra for convenience at a campsite).

• Cook on the fire!

• Catch your dinner.

• Wait to purchase equipment and technology during sales.

• Stay longer- sometimes rebates are offered for a longer stay.

• Collect newspaper throughout the year and use the endless supply as kindling instead of buying it.

• Buy groceries before entering cottage country— Trust me.

• Bring reusable shampoo, conditioner and face wash containers. Travel size products are expensive and full size products take up too much space.

• Bring road snacks so you are not tempted to stop.

• Pack your vehicle backwards from the order you’d like to unpack it. For example, I like to keep my chair, tent, tarps, mattress and sleeping bag easily accessible or ‘first out’. Firewood, clothes, toiletries, food, water next.

• Compression sacks for clothes and sleeping bags if you need the space.

Organization is key for a successful trip no matter how much money you spend or save, but I’ll keep those tips for another post. 💃🏽

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