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Blue Mountain has some awesome hills! Which should you pick? (Easy-Intermediate)

I love Blue Mountain because of its variety of runs and great energy. My favourites to start are one, Susan’s Hideaway. It’s exactly how it sounds; A little bit of a narrower trail that brings you through the trees with a few turns and some small up and downs. Can really practice feet work with minimal slowing down on this run.

Second is the Southern Cross run at Blue. Both are calming and relaxing trails.

If you’re looking for slightly more difficult, Dr Doug is a little more difficult being an intermediate run. I love all the curves on the trail. Throughout it there are options to fork off into other trails as well. None of these trails are open yet this season but when they do I’ll see ya there! 💃🏽🫶🏼

What's your favourite run and at which mountain? 🏔️💃🏽

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