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Where Can You Feed Chickadees in Guelph?

Returning to the same spot and doing the same things I did as a child with my own, just feels right😊

📍Starkey Hill just outside of Guelph(in Puslinch,ON) is a hiking trail for all ages to decompress and have fun. With beautiful summer walking and mountain biking trails, elaborate cross country ski or snowshoe trails in the winter and leading to a beautiful peak with a fantastic view. Truly a great place to explore. It’s been a long time since I’ve hiked the whole trail up but the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate (church) in downtown Guelph used to be in view from the top.

Fall at Starkey hill is just a whole other story.

The neighbouring property had a beautiful and friendly horse that would come right up to the fence. As children my sister and I would feed it apples from the trees nearby.

Families enjoy coming here for the numerous large and small toboggan hills and of course, feeding the chickadees!! The wild birds here are used to people. Many species are willing you to land and it is very easy.

Today I brought my daughter for her first time. To no one’s surprise the bird landing on her scared her a little bit. But so did the first fish she held 👏🏽😉 We shall be back! Hope to see you there!

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