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Who is AReelLady?

I think it’s time I reintroduce myself! Sooooo

My name is Janelle and I created AReelLady back in September to share and showcase stories and adventures from the outdoors and experiences all over Ontario. I’ve loved the outdoors for as long as I can remember and since being a child, it’s always made me feel whole. As I get older and my interests change, so does my perspective and wisdom but what remains the same is the unquestionable love of nature and living things.

I love camping, fishing, kayaking, skiing, swimming, and adventures like tubing or boating also I LOVE bass. And it’s rubbing off on my little one😎🌱. You’ll be seeing a lot of these types of content on the page as well as posts regarding the positive connection between mental health and the outdoors. So important to me. Which is why I’ve partnered with @thecureisoutdoors . This Canadian company donates $1 from every item purchased to the canadian mental health association! Message me for discount code💅!

I’ve loved meeting more and more people and having opportunities come along with them. (Podcast interview coming up this week @diaries_of_a_lodge_owner )

Last year I purchased my very own pedal drive kayak. I love using it to get into those tricky spots that are full of fish and areas I cannot access by foot. Learning more and more about our watershed and ecosystems each outing. Not to mention it’s hands-free fishing. This year I plan on learning to clean& cook my own fish and learn to find proper crown land locations. Stay tuned for lots of kayak footage and catch release videos using my #insta360 camera on my kayak. I love solo trips and meeting friends& I’m always open to outdoor tips, recommendations and advice and ready to share them too.

Please send me a message! let’s connect!

📷 @littlegreenhouse_photography

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