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Podcast with Steve Niedzwiecki! First EVER

IIII got interviewed on a Podcast?!?! 😱

This was such a nerve wracking yet mentally rewarding step in my life! I used to think of myself as someone shy but slowly that is changing with every action like this.

I’m so happy to have had been interviewed by Steve Niedzwiecki from the Diaries of a Lodge Owner Podcast about my interest in the outdoors, how angling became more prevalent to me, goals, bit about mental health and some stories about people that have really supported me throughout this journey so far.

While it’s so wierd to hear myself talk, It was very cool to be on a podcast with Steve, get to know him and chat.

Thanks again @steve_niedzwiecki1 !

Find it wherever you find your podcasts.

Episode: AReelLady w/ Janelle Smith. 🥰

📷 Little Greenhouse Photography

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