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My First Time

I call it my first time because back in 2022 I went on my first solo trip. I went to a small, nearby provincial park to set up camp. It was only 2 nights and it was the perfect amount of time for what I didn’t know I needed.

There I had lots of opportunities that just felt so empowering. Like for example, I struggled at first to start my fire. I knew the basics from camping as a kid but it had been a while and it had rained the day before. I struggled for a while before I realized I had some cardboard in my car from a purchase I made earlier.

The simplest thing made me feel slightly empowered and it just continued. Now I collect news paper throughout the year as kindling.

When it got dark I realized this was MY trip. I could literally do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted for this time. I love a group trip don’t get me wrong, but a solo trip does something else for the soul, something more personal.

There are moments of boredom. Moments of loneliness. Once you get through them you again feel so empowered. Bigger as a person. Capable of doing something that you now consider no big deal which previously may have been intimidating or scary.

The outdoors has taught me to just ‘go for it’ in so many different scenarios. The amount of pathways in the brain that you can open up by simply challenging yourself like this. Just imagine what perspectives and understanding you can swallow by doing it yourself.

I caught so many fish that trip and it got me hardcore into fishing. I’ve been fishing every opportunity I got since that trip.

I’ll finish by saying this; Since rediscovering fishing I’ve discovered so many other outdoor activities that come with it. This has brought me so much joy. And frustration frankly 😂 that turned into new skills and knowledge. The outdoor world is complex and it’s very cool to learn about.

I find myself standing back, sighing in complete bliss. This memory lasts forever.

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