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Family Bonding/ Growth in the Outdoors

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again. Taking my daughter into the outdoors and allowing her to experience both the smallest and biggest widest things natures has to offer is so rewarding.

New for both of us or just new for her, ‘playing’ outside together has helped me see things in a way I maybe wouldn’t have. By taking interest in the smallest things like a snail shell lying on the ground and investigating it to see what’s inside or pointing out the butterflies gathered at the ceiling window of the conservatory despite distractions around her.

I’m grateful to have a daughter in general but to be able to share what nature has to offer with your own flesh and blood is beyond comparable to anything else. I catch myself sometimes just simply in awe of that human right there. And feel lucky to share this life with her.

Camryn turned 4 a couple weeks ago and she is becoming quite the independent (except at bedtime😉)little Tom-boy princess. I’m excited to execute this years camping trips together like pros& continue to build our bond with these experiences.

They will talk about sleeping in the tent and roasting marshmallows ALL winter if they are anything like mine.. Excited to cook food on our new campfire cooking equipment and asking when the ‘kayak place and ice cream’ is open almost daily. With that being said;

I will continue recommending camping and outdoor activities with your littles to anyone I can!

Despite the hard work I promise it’s so so rewarding. Oh! And…

Happy Easter weekend from Cam and I!! 🐣💞🌱💛

Thank you @podocarpusphotography for the awesome photos of my girl. Great experience!

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