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Mental Health Awareness(& the Outdoors)

Mental health affects so many people and often it’s the people who seem the happiest that it affects the most. You never really know what’s going on in others lives or in their heads. With that being said,

YOU are loved& remember to be kind🩵

I want to share a very broad story about my life to help keep the discussion flowing on de-stigmatizing mental health.

Throughout high school and even before that, I struggled with anxiety and undiagnosed mood disorders. This caused a lot of set backs, lack of confidence and most of all, lack of understanding in myself. This lead to a lot of other challenges throughout high school and early adulthood. Relationship issues and eventually substance abuse issues followed. I was in a place that even I couldn’t see the light from.

Slowly, I found that by spending my time outdoors and allowing myself to feel without judgement was the most impactful thing I could spend my time doing. Fast-forward to now a few years later, I’m so grateful to have found that light.

I’m excited to show off my hat from a brand that really understands the importance of the outdoors and the positive mental health impact it has and is therefore very important to me. #TheCureIsOutdoors is working with the Canadian Mental Association by donating $1 per item purchased by YOU to DIRECTLY to the foundation. I’m honoured to share that this awesome canadian company, #thecure has chosen me as one of their brand ambassadors to spread the word.

Use CUREFAM for a 10% off discount on your entire order 🩵

It’s okay not to have a good moment. It’s okay not to have a good day. It’s okay not to be okay. Let yourself feel. You are human aren’t you? But try going outside 😉💃🏽🩵

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