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Looking for Some Awesome Outdoor Podcasts?! You found the right spot..

I’ve been listening to some fun and knowledgable podcasts at work lately. From the ‘Outdoor Journal Radio’ team to the ‘Average Anglers’, the ‘Woman Angler’, ‘Ugly Pike’ and last but not least, ‘Doc Talks Fishing’. These podcasts provide huge insight and perspective on fishing and the outdoors and many things that I learn this way have peaked my interest. So much so that I am fully caught up on each.

On episode 5 of Doc Talks Fishing, they talk about the importance of the eggs from big fish compared to small ones and how old big fish really are. For example, he mentions that three 4lb fish yield less eggs than one 12lb’er. In other words, big fish create more eggs. The quality and survival rate of the eggs from big fish are also higher. This is true for most species like bass, walleye, and pike. Not to mention your 40” pike is probably over 20 years old.

Maybe these older fish are teaching the younger ones about best spawning grounds and frequently seen lures? Something to ponder. 🤔

Find it wherever you find your podcasts

Doc Talks Fishing— Episode 5

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