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Fishing Barbados 🇧🇧

This week back in April was such an adventure!! I’ve never fished the ocean with my own equipment and never caught an ocean fish!!

First I needed to figure out how to find bait here. After talking to some bajans at the beach, I learnt how to catch sea crabs (aka ‘cockerel’- a whole other story🙌🏻) and how to set up my line to handle the fast current& display my bait as it should. It was a 2 hook set-up with a 6oz weight, 20lb mono leader on swivel and it worked like a charm. Without their help It would’ve taken me much longer to figure this out. Thank you Stephen, Taffy and Cooper.

After about an hour of learning how to feel waves vs bites, I caught one! It’s crazy how happy this little fish made me. The feeling of learning something new and having success in it is so rewarding. Expanding the brain pathways is so important. I learnt some new techniques that I will be able to move over to more new skills in the future. A few days later I came back to try again! Caught another about the same size. I’m so proud of these tiny fish! And I can’t wait to learn another set up next time I’m at the ocean. My 4-piece rod will come in handy next year too. 🌊 🎣

Bless this fish.

Have you ever caught an ocean fish? 👀🐠

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