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Why is this pebble beach in Ontario so Unique?

📍Thornbury, ON

In view of Blue Mountain, in between Meaford and Collingwood lies a quaint little village called Thornbury. With many small markets and book stores, fresh cut fry trucks and ice cream corners this little towns vibe is immaculate. It has colourful polished rock beaches and crystal clear water. A walk along the pier Is beautiful enough with refreshed wind passing by your ears and and the endless view of the great Georgian bay. Big isolated and half submerged rocks wait for you to visit. On the other side of the pier, a busy marina. Drive 3 minutes from the lake and find an active fish ladder and some beautiful trails along the riverbank.

With all of that being said, nothing here beats jumping into Gbay off that pier and climbing back up that ladder soaked and smiling for me.

After the whole day is spent here, head up the mountain for some famous homemade soup or sandwich from Ravenna Country. If you’re passing tempting vineyards and orchards on the way up, you’re going the right way.

Blue Mountain resort and village are near by for a whole plethora of stays and other activities. I recommend checking them out too🏔️

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