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Where the word ‘Punjab’ originated from

Here to tell a random but meaningful story today💃🏽

The region of Punjab is one of the most fertile lands in the world and is also known as ‘The land of 5 rivers’ or ‘The land of 5 waters’. The name Punjab is a product of two Persian words; Panj= 5 Ab= Water.

EACH of the 5 rivers are over 480km in length. Hence its name to reflect that. But WHY is this meaningful??

With all that water how would one think to conserve it¿ But still, it’s where this thoughtful quote originated from:

“Even if you’re standing next to a flowing river, do not waste water.”

A quote that is pillar to understanding sustainability in general. Once you understand the why of this, you understand deeper the importance of sustainability in nature and everything else. Scarcity in a world of abundance.

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