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Smartest Way to Plan YOUR Summer!

I feel lucky to go on at least 7 camping trips per summer as well as the odd lodge but I wouldn’t allow it to go any other way.

Planning my entire summer in March and April out of pure excitement has left me no regrets. In fact I will always do it this way now. Every Saturday and Sunday that exists in the summer is another opportunity for a trip. Whether with my daughter, my friends or by myself.

Throughout the winter I pick the spots I want to book and mildly scan their campsite options. Find out when the full and new moons are. This year I plan on booking my fishing trips on those weekends; Mother-daughter trips when it’s warm at night- July; Friend trips with activities planned within them in the some of weekends remaining.

The more planning, confident and relaxed, the better! And I always leave a few weekends open for spontaneous adventures or ‘do-nothing-days’.

Pack my car the night before, leave straight from work and grab groceries on the way. This is the way. Can’t waste any time 🤷🏽‍♀️😎

The drive is always calm knowing I have everything I need, it’s organized and I have tons of time to get where I’m going.

In my mind, each of these camping and lodge trips is just as refreshing as taking a vacation to the Caribbean in the middle of winter. Just cheaper🫶🏼😂(sometimes😉)

Find me on Instagram @ AReelLady 🤍

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