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3 Tips to Combat #WINTERBLUES

It's easy to feel the lack of sun in Canada during winter months. I have 3 tips to help kick the #winterblues to the curb!

1. Gear up and head out! A ski or hike in the wilderness is the best medicine when motivation is lacking. A blast of cold fresh air on your face mixed with a hint of warm sun to knock the negativity out. Breathing that air in allows you to feel new again. Rational thinking and positive thoughts often follow.

2. Start planning your summer trips and getaways! Campsites will book for spring 2024 starting in February. (Thats TOMORROW!) Often lodges and year round campgrounds have already opened registration. Halliburton or Bears Den Lodge in Northern Ontario are 2 examples. I know this because I’ve booked them already 😉

3. Making room for new things and new goals. What this looks like is cleaning a few rooms. Completing a task you’ve been working on for a long time or spending time with someone that you miss. ‘Clearing’ out space for new memories, ideas and people is so important! If it’s cleaning your room, donating clothes you no longer need can really make you feel good too. This time of year and around Christmas, is when many people need it most.

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