Friday, April 11, 2014

Preserving Hunting Memories

Some of my fondest memories revolve around successful hunts or successful fishing trips.  These memories include people who are near and dear to me, places that hold a piece of my heart, and moments that I will relive forever.  Without getting too sappy, it's safe to say I cherish each moment I get to spend in the outdoors.  Finding a way to preserve these memories can be tough.

There is always the traditional way to preserve any memory, which is photography.  I love photos, anyone who is friends with me knows this all to well.  I have photos of just about everything, but I have tons of photos from the field and on the water.  I'm pretty sure I could just take pictures of the scenery and be happy.  I'm planning on covering the photography part in a follow up post.

There is also taxidermy to preserve your memories in the field and on the water.  This is one of my favorite ways to savor those sweet moments where a hunt falls together perfectly.  Taxidermy is a unique way to preserve that moment where all your hard work and dedication culminated and paid off. Each of my shoulder mounted whitetails is mounted in a similar way to how he was right before I shot.

If traditional isn't really your style, there are other options.  You could always have your memories preserved in artwork.  I absolutely love the work Jana Waller does.  I had my first archery buck beaded by her, and it's easily the most eye catching and different "mount" in the house.  There is also wildlife painting.  I'm a huge fan of Nicole Weller's feather artistry.  I really want to have her paint something for me, but don't know what.

Another way that I personally love is to show my passion, and memories through jewelry.  I really don't wear much jewelry besides my wedding set & stud earrings, so for me to find a piece I love it really has to mean something.  I found a beautiful necklace from Larry Rackley a few years ago, and I love it dearly.  It's a sterling silver whitetail antler, and I wear it almost every day.  I found an adorable Pandora charm of a ram before my aoudad hunt, so I knew if I was able to take on with my bow that was going to be one way to commemorate my hunt.

My Pandora bracelet with my ram charm.  Oh and my beautiful arrow cross tattoo designed by Eric Hornung aka the "Tattooed Angler."

While I do understand not every memory in hunting has to do with taking an animal, it could be great camaraderie in the duck blind, or the moment you watch a bobcat flush a covey of quail beneath your tree stand.  Either way for me these memories will last a lifetime, and result in stories being retold time and time again, maybe larger than the last time, so how do you preserve your memories in the field?  A diary, a blog, a photo album, or all kept safely in the depths of your mind?


Erindanielle said...

I took the casings from my 1st deer, and turned them into earrings, along with the casing from my first elk, which I made into a necklace!

I also just sent the ivory off from my first elk to be placed in a bracelet!

Robert said...

I don't live in America and where I live hunting dear is prohibited. I've never grown up with this culture but from the looks of it, it seems to be very much part of your society so no judgement on my part.

What State of America is this?

Sarah DeForest said...

I love your blog! I'm still trying to find the perfect spot for my first buck! I shot him this last fall! It was a long awaited victory :)

Sarah Joy

Ben said...

Nice buck.