Sunday, February 16, 2014

Florida Keys Dreaming

This past week, we finally broke our freezing streak, and boy am I happy.  However all that cold weather has me dreaming about Key West, and fishing in the Florida keys.  Our trip last June was a little rocky thanks to the lovely weather we endured, however there is something about Key West that always makes me want to go back.  Well our Maine bear hunt was canceled this past week due to some unforeseen issues, so Key West here we come.

Now like every woman, I have a closet full of clothes.  Fishing clothes are no shortage either, but a girl can always drool right?  I've been searching for a few new pieces to add in for this trip, and ran along a few things I had to share.

I just love this shirt.  Being fair skinned, I need long sleeves to keep from burning when spending 8 hours out in the sun fishing.  I love that this one is girly, but still functional.

This one explains itself.  

I wore these shorts on our trip last year and fell in love.  They dry out fast, and are the perfect length.  They also handle bath tub washings just fine.  I just don't have this color so I of course need another color!

So some Captains, usually those on big sportfishing yachts, require you to wear shoes.  No flip flops, or bare feet, and I understand why they do the things they do.  No one wants a hook in the foot especially miles off shore.  Last year we only flats fished, which the Captain was totally cool with me bare-footing it, but this year we are heading off shore in search of sailfish, mahi-mahi, and the wish of a marlin, so I'm going to have to get some Sperry's or similar boat shoes to wear.  These are super cute, and I could rock them back home too which is why I love them.

While I'm getting really excited about going back to the warmth, I'm kind of sad I won't get to explore new territory and chase bears with my bow this year.  I'm thinking happy thoughts and praying for a storm free, fabulous trip to the Keys filled with tight lines, amazing food, and a few nice drinks.


Emily said...

Fun! I have those Under Armor shorts too, and I love them. One of these days, I'll make it to Key West for some fishing. Until then, I'll live vicariously through you! Have fun, girl!

Erin Wiggle said...

If you send me your address, I'll send you a shirt from my shop. :)

Also, check out They have a lot of cute things, too!

Mark Gordon said...

Love to read your blog and I love the picture of you and the purple shirt

A Reel Lady said...

That's actually not me in the purple shirt! I wish it was! LOL