Monday, November 28, 2011

Papa Scott's Cajun Products - Product Review

Let me start off by saying, I'm by no means a wonderful cook.  I follow a recipe 93.4% of the time, and do not deviate from it 90% of that time.  I was contacted by Scott over at Papa Scott's Cajun Products after I posted some cooking blogs.  I don't know if Scott just knew that I LOVE cajun seasoning, or maybe I fooled him into thinking I'm a good cook.  Either way I was so excited when I got goods!  
Let me forwarn you I put cajun seasoning (been using a homemade recipe or Uncle Tony's - the brand) on everything, so automatically when I got this in I just tried both the Original Camp Dog Cajun Seasoning and the Non-Typical Cajun Seasoning straight, not on food or anything just by it's self.  I loved both immediately, but I also knew that the Non-Typical Cajun Seasoning would go over better with my husband who isn't quite the seasoning freak that I am since it is a little milder.  I personally enjoy them both!  I put it on hamburger meat, shrimp, steaks, popcorn, mac & cheese, scrambled eggs, an omelet and even asparagus that's going on the grill.  You name it I have probably snuck it into my food and then fed it to my husband in hopes of converting him into a cajun seasoning freak like myself.  It's also great that none of Papa Scott's Cajun Products contain MSG & are pretty low sodium.  If I'm using them I just skip the salt.   If you are worried about getting the wrong kind for you or your family they offer the chance to pay $1 and get samples of each to test it out.  
Another product Scott makes is fish fry batter & hush puppy mix.  Now my avid readers (the two that are out there) know I'm not a huge fish eater, but I'm willing to give anything a try once these days.  I'm trying to branch out, I swear (even ate calamari this weekend)!   Well my dear husband and a few of his buddy's took it upon themselves to fry up some fish and make some hushpuppies while I was away at training a few weeks ago (I made them swear to save part of the batter for me to try later).  I therefore have no pictures of this awesome bass fried in Papa Scott's Fish Fry Batter or the hushpuppies, but I can safely say when these boys are pleased it must be something worth buying again.  I've cooked for these guys several times and they are brutally honest with me.  They couldn't stop talking about the fish fry and hush puppies.  We usually make our own batter & just buy normal store bought hushpuppy mix to do this, and we are usually left lacking a little something seasoning wise.  The guys said this stuff rocked!  The perfect amount of seasoning and fried up really well.  I'm super excited to give it all a try, and I have a feeling I'm going to be buying some gallon jugs of the seasoning, and probably try to talk Scott into starting to sell the hushpuppy & fish fry batter in gallon jugs!  I must say Scott has hit the nail on the head when it comes to perfect seasoning for fish, beef, chicken, or wild game.  Something in the water in Louisiana makes people down there better cooks than the rest of us!  Also this would make the perfect gift for the novice wild game cook, season freak, your fishing buddy, or your dad who taught you to hunt and cook your wild game!  Definitely go check out Papa Scott's Cajun Products because you can't go wrong!


LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

Looks like I am going to have to check this out. I've seen him all over Twitter but never tried his product. We like us some Cajun spices in this house, especially hush puppies

Will Jenkins said...

Good Review! The stuff is simplest THE BEST seasoning I have ever tried. I use it on EVERYTHING!

A Reel Lady said...

LB - I LOVE this stuff! Seriously I put it on everything!

Will - This is the BEST stuff! I totally am with you and use it on everything!