Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oklahoma Whitetail - 1 A Reel Lady - 0

Well another weekend has come to a close, and I have come home empty handed yet again.  The weather has not been cooperating, and the deer haven't been moving like we would like.  I'm still learning as a bow hunter, and growing as a hunter.
The weekend of 10/8/11 & 10/9/11 it rained, and rained, and rained.  I'm not going to complain because we needed the rain desperately,  and I'm ever thankful for it.   We sat out that Sunday in our Primos Doublebull.  I can say the Doublebull is not waterproof, but it did keep us  pretty dry.  Needless to say we didn't see anything as they just weren't moving that weekend.
This pas weekend we had some non-hunting related engagements, which I truly feel should be outlawed between October 1 -Feb 1 or so.   We got to hunt Saturday morning which is where my trouble began.  Zach and I were in the only stand we could hunt due to the wind, and it's a 2 person stand, so we went together.  Just as the sun was peaking over the ridge to the East of us I saw deer making their way down towards us.  I stood, and could hear deer, but could only see two does.  My sweet husband was possibly hyperventilating behind me, and then decided I would need assistance.  He's desperately trying to get me a deer, and I'm fully capable of doing things myself, but he wants a deer on the ground.  Just as he stood behind me, a doe popped out, one neither of us had seen at 10 yards.  She walked towards a cedar tree, and as she put her head behind the tree I drew.  She must have heard my coat rustle or something, and of course she looked up.  I knew I was pretty busted, so I went to put my pins on her and settle into my bow in attempts to get a shot off before she ran.  I couldn't get it done, and she did what whitetail are notorious for doing ran to about 150 yds away. Her two little friends took off with her.  Well literally a minute later our feeder ran, and they blew and ran.  We settled back in disappointed, that I had spooked the deer.   As we sat about 30 minutes later we heard a deer blow and it sounded like it was running, but we never saw it.  We couldn't figure out why anything blew, and then the answer came to us in the form of a young coyote.  I was trying to switch arrows to get an old broadhead to take a shot, but he scrammed before I could get anything accomplished.   We left the stand empty handed that morning, but I learned that i need to be stealthier and make better choices about when to take shots.  I didn't take a shot, but I know I can't rush a shot or push a shot or else I could lose a deer.  While that is a part of hunting, with any weapon, I know that every hunter would rather not do it.
The following Sunday evening I was in a different stand, the wind changes around here like it's going out of style.  I sat for quite some time with no action.  I was glassing (PS. The Hawke Optics Binos are still working GREAT), and wasn't seeing anything.  I happened to look over my left shoulder back to the west, and saw two does running across the open field behind me.  I grabbed my bow in hopes they would come in to where I was once they ran down the brush line to the East.   That time never came.  As dark came, and I was fixing to get out of my stand I heard something rustle underneath me.  I saw something small, but couldn't make it out.   I sat and watched, and before long I realized it was a baby skunk.  I waited and watched it run to the South.  That feeling of knowing I had to walk that direction wasn't pleasant, but I made it back to my ride without running into my new little friend!
Overall it was a great time to be out in nature.  A little disappointing that Zach and I both came home empty handed since we are trying to fill the freezer.   There is a reason they call it hunting and not killing, and I learn that more and more each time I go out.

Happy hunting to everyone who is headed out tomorrow, this weekend and next week!

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Crystal Cattle said...

I don't know a ton about hunting even though everyone around me growing up in Alberta did. However I do know that is an awesome photo! Better luck next time. And thanks for the comment on our engagement photos.